3M Earplug Civil Lawsuit

There is a pending mass tort civil lawsuit involving defective hearing protection (earplugs) made by Manufacturer 3M. The now-discontinued earplugs were standard issue for most service members who served from 2003-2015. Legal documentation demonstrates 3M admitted it tested the earplugs in 2000 with unfavorable results. Despite this, the earplugs were wrongly issued to active duty service members for more than a decade.

If you served in the armed forces from 2003-2015 and suffer from hearing loss and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and would like to be referred to one of our network attorneys, contact us immediately as you may be entitled to substantial compensation. The civil lawsuit would have no effect on your VA benefits claim.  Contact us and we will have an attorney handling the class action lawsuit contact you immediately.