C&P Exam Consult

If you have a C&P Exam that has been scheduled and want to be prepared for the questions that may arise in the exam, contact us to schedule a consult.  It is important to know the key points that need to be stressed in order to receive a favorable rating.  Let us inform you of what to expect.  Go into your exam confident and ready to elaborate on deciding factors.  Stressing the correct facts and knowing how to answer specific questions at your C&P Exam could lead to a quick and positive decision.

If you use our C&P Exam Consult services and then later use one of our doctors for a rebuttal examination or opinion, we will put 50% of your C&P Exam Consult fee towards one of our other services. 

In order to provide a professional consult, we typically will need to know what conditions you claimed and are being examined for. Depending on the examinations being conducted, we also may also need copies of your medical and VA records. After receipt of any necessary records and the consult payment being received, the consult will be scheduled.

C&P Exam Consult

(current or previous client on conditions our network handled)


C&P Exam Consult

(not current or previous client)

$ 400.00

Note, if you are a current customer utilizing our medical opinion and examination services, C&P consults are free.