Multiple Services Discounts:

If a mental health and a physical health opinion are provided for the same veteran, only one Record and Review and Strategy consult fee (Initial Payment) is required. If a nexus letter and examination are done by the same medical professional, at the same time, for the same conditions, only one Record and Review and Strategy consult fee (Initial Payment) is required AND the additional Exam and DBQ Signed and Delivered Fee (Final Payment) is discounted by 50%.

Payment Plans:

While we do recommend paying for the full service up front, as it is the cheapest option and will carry the quickest turnaround times, we do understand that everyone’s situation is different. We offer different payment plans to try and suit the individual needs of our clients. Clients have the option of a 3, 6, or 12-month plan. Each plan carries a different service charge depending on the length the plan. The total amount due* is divided by the number of months in your plan and paid in equal installments (the last payment may be more or slightly less to account for an uneven split between months) and paid monthly, until the full total amount due is paid. Each step in the services we provide (Record Review and Strategy Consult AND Delivered Nexus Letter or DBQ) will only be completed once the full initial and full final payment are received for each respective service. Due to the nature of our business, unfortunately, there are never refunds of any kind.
*Total amount due is comprised of the total amount of your requested service(s) (Full Initial and Full Final Payment), any additional conditions or DBQs over the allowable maximum, any applicable service charges from respective payment plan, and adjusted to include any qualifying discounts. Costs are billed separately.