Vet Resource Group


Let’s face it, doctors are expensive.  Medical professionals demand some of the highest fees in the country.  Done properly, a veteran’s opinion or exam requires a medical expert to perform a comprehensive review of ALL records and all opinions MUST contain specific verbiage, statements, and supporting medical reasoning. This requires a lot of time from one of these highly paid professionals.  Vet Resource Group does not want that to stand between you and the benefits you deserve.

On our website, you will find the fees associated with all the services we provide. Generally, if a company doesn’t list pricing on their website, or it is hard to find, it’s probably not one of their selling factors.  More than likely, the fee for the unlisted service will be much higher than you want to pay.  Through extensive research and market analysis we are confident that our pricing and numerous payment options, is highly competitive. 

We do not need to make a windfall from your success and never charge a rate based on your VA monthly payments.  We are providing a product from a licensed professional and only expect fair payment for the same.  We believe in the first two words of our mission “Help Veterans.”

Our nexus letters and exams are almost exclusively performed by doctors and psychologists.  While opinions from a physician assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (NP) could be beneficial in your case, we choose to generally only use these types of medical experts in the rare cases that may require additional supporting evidence.  We choose to not risk your claim trying to save a few bucks and almost all initial opinions or exams are performed by a licensed Doctor, Psychologist, Dentist, or Audiologist. 

In addition to providing supporting evidence for your claimed conditions, our whole team is proactive in making sure you receive a rating for all conditions reasonably related to your military service.  Are there any new conditions that can be claimed?  Was something missed in prior filings?  Are there secondary conditions that can be claimed? Did a VA adjudicator not rate a service-connected condition properly? Are chronic or presumptive conditions implicated in your case? These questions are just a few that we look to answer in every record review.

Whether you are 180 days from separation or have already received an unfavorable decision from the VA, it’s not too early or too late to add a medical opinion to the evidence supporting your disability claim.  Vet Resource Group provides pre-separation, post-separation, pre-filing, and post-filing medical opinions and exams.  While we offer standard flat fees for all our services, on rare occasion some cases may require a higher fee depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of conditions being claimed.