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Help Veterans obtain the resources, independent medical opinions, and examinations that are needed to maximize success in their disability claims with the VA.

Battle Creek VA Nexus Letters

VRG is here to help you in obtaining the best disability rating possible.

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Battle Creek Nexus Letters & VA Disability Consultants

Adding an independent medical opinion or examination report to the evidence supporting your claimed conditions could be the one thing standing between you and a successful disability rating from the VA. Vet Resource Group was established to give every veteran access to a qualified medical expert.

Comparatively, the cost of a qualified medical opinion pales in comparison to the tax-free monthly compensation you could potentially receive from the VA. Do not let a small investment into the evidentiary development of your disability claim stand between you and your earned benefits.

Regardless of the stage of your disability claim with the VA, Vet Resource Group is here to help guide you in your quest to obtain the best disability rating possible.

Are you looking for a Battle Creek doctor who writes Nexus Letters?

Our professional network includes doctors who write Nexus Letters, perform examinations, and complete DBQs.
Our team can perform the following services for veterans:

I am the principal attorney of a law firm exclusively representing Veterans on appeal for disability compensation. VRG provides us with competent medical opinions and examination reports. They understand how to properly review a Claims File and what records are relevant. Their rates are reasonable and they ensure the necessary verbiage is included in the opinions and medical reports.

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