Employability (TDIU)

If your service-connected disability is preventing you from sustaining gainful employment and you have a qualifying service-connected rating, you may be eligible for individual unemployability (TDIU). A substantially gainful occupation is defined as that which provides annual income exceeding the poverty threshold for one person (around 12K a year).

Qualifying for Individual Unemployability

Generally, a claimant must meet one of the following requirements in order to qualify for individual unemployability (TDIU):

  • Have one service-connected condition rated at 60%, or higher
  • Have two or more service-connected conditions, with at least one of those conditions being rated at 40% or more, and have a combined disability rating of 70%, or higher

In either case above, the veteran’s service-connected condition(s) must render them incapable of sustaining gainful employment.

What evidence is required for Individual Unemployability (TDIU)?

The VA will know your total disability rating and your respective individual ratings for each condition. A statement from Social Security can prove that you have not been able to sustain gainful employment. From there, it is on the veteran to file a claim for individual unemployability and provide proof that their service-connected condition(s) render them unemployable. This can be accomplished with a medical opinion or nexus letter from a licensed medical expert.

Vet Resource Group can help you obtain an employability statement from a medical expert, linking your unemployability to your service-connected conditions. Contact us today to for a free, no-obligation consultation.

38 CFR § 4.16 – Total disability ratings for compensation based on unemployability of the individual