Paid Services

Unlike VSOs, VA accredited attorneys and claims agents may charge a fee for their services. Depending on your case, a paid service may be best suited for your claim.  These services are generally recommended to be used when “exhaustive” measures are needed.  Also, some claims are legal in nature and may benefit from the assistance of an accredited attorney or agent.  Depending on your case, if you receive an unfavorable decision from the VA, using a paid service representative may be your best course of action.  Our network is comprised of medical experts AND accredited attorneys and agents.  If your case is best suited for a paid service, we will be happy to place you with an established attorney or agent, who exclusively handles VA claims representation.

Please visit for more details about accredited representatives.

The VA provides a tool to locate these accredited attorneys and agents in your area.  Please visit and “Search for a New Representative for VA Claims”.  If not already registered, you will need to do so.

Note: Using a paid service is never required, although in some cases it may be beneficial.