Record Review and Strategy Consult

Our standard fee for Record Review and Strategy Consult is $450.00 in conjunction with a nexus letter or exam.   However, we are happy to provide a stand-alone record review if a veteran would like to see what conditions they may qualify for before determining they want to proceed with an expert medical opinion.  Following our review, we will discuss the strategy and game plan we believe should be implemented in your specific case. We will inform you of the necessary medical opinions and examination reports we believe are needed in your case.  We will make sure that all qualifying medical conditions have been claimed, and we will also be reviewing your records for any previous potential Clear and Unmistakable Errors committed by the VA. Additional examples of the things we look for include the following:

  • Are there any new conditions that can be claimed?
  • Was something missed in prior filings?
  • Are there secondary conditions that can be claimed?
  • Did a VA adjudicator not rate a service-connected condition properly?

These questions are just a few that we look to answer in every record review and strategy consult. This service may be the most important service Vet Resource Group provides.

Record Review and Strategy Consult

$ 450.00