Exams and DBQs

In addition to medical opinion nexus letters, Vet Resource Group also provides access to medical examinations by licensed medical physicians.  These comprehensive exams coupled with an extensive record review allow our medical experts to properly complete DBQs, maximizing veteran claim success.  Our experts understand the importance of each section of a DBQ and what is needed to increase your disability rating.  Whether you are already service-connected and looking to increase your rating or you are attempting to bolster an initial claim leading to upfront, non-appealed success, our medical experts can assist. 

While our network of medical experts is growing every day, travel may be required for some of the DBQs to be completed.  However, do not let this stand between you and the disability rating you deserve.  This exam could be a crucial part to you potentially receiving tax free, monthly VA payments for the rest of your life.  Our network of medical experts perform exams and completes DBQ’s for veterans all over the country. 

After the initial pre-screening consult, if we believe our team can provide a medical exam with positive results, and you choose to proceed, full payment for each step needs to be received prior to completion of each step in the process.  All exams require a Record Review and Strategy Consult.  We offer discounts if more than one opinion is needed (Mental and Physical Health) or an Exam/DBQ is completed in conjunction with a nexus letter. 

Step 1

Record Review and Strategy Consult:

$ 450.00
  • (required for all examinations prior to review)
  • (Full Initial Payment)

Step 2:

Nexus Letter Completed and Delivered:

$ 950.00
  • (Additional DBQ’s or DBQ with a nexus are $650.00 each)
  • (Full Final Payment)


Total Examination Standard Fee (One DBQ)

$ 1,400.00
  • Physical and mental health opinions require separate medical experts and nexus letters
  • No more than 5 conditions on any single nexus letter