Psychiatric (Mental Health)

Veterans are commonly treated for mental health disorders. Some of the more common disorders affecting veterans include anxiety, depressive, mood, panic, bipolar, and adjustment disorders.  If you have been diagnosed with a mental health disability and you are a veteran, you may be entitled to VA disability benefits.

Veterans being diagnosed with mental health disorders, after being discharged, is becoming more and more common. Some Veterans develop mental health disorders not long after getting out of the military because of something that happened on active duty. Previous stigmas attached to filing for mental health disorders have faded and are more readily accepted. This has resulted in more mental health filings by veterans.

Unfortunately, the VA often denies service-connection for mental health disabilities due to the lack of a diagnosis while the veteran was on active duty. In most cases, the VA can only grant service-connection for a mental health disability if the condition began while the veteran was on active duty. When the symptoms began, or the onset of the symptoms is typically accepted as the beginning point of a medical condition. Mental health providers generally base their diagnosis on the symptoms displayed by an individual. However, the VA tends to only look for a diagnosis of a mental condition while on active duty and ignores the symptoms. The VA does this in error and it often leads to veterans being wrongfully denied service-connection for their mental health disabilities.

Often, mental health conditions can be secondary, to a service-connected condition(s).  Example: Veteran claims depression secondary to his service-connected bilateral knee, degenerative disc disease, and sleep apnea.  In this circumstance, and many more, the Veteran’s mental health condition (depression) is caused, or aggravated, by the Veteran’s service-connected conditions. A medical opinion and examination from a licensed mental health provider can help support these secondary conditions.

Vet Resource Group can help you obtain a nexus letter from a medical expert, linking your condition(s) to your time in the military.   We can also help to obtain any needed examinations and respective DBQs.  Contact us today to for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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