VA Reductions

Why has the VA proposed a rate reduction in my disability benefits?

Unless you have been granted 100% Permanent and Total (100% P&T) for your service-connected conditions, more than likely, at some point in time the VA will schedule a C&P examination to determine if your conditions have improved. Some conditions are dynamic and change with time. The VA schedules a re-evaluation to ensure a veteran is being compensated the rate that reflects the current severity of a veteran’s symptoms. Quite often, the initial decision awarded to a veteran is noted that the rating is subject to future evaluations. In most cases, the VA will schedule a re-evaluation within 2-5 years of the initial award. Some conditions are more reviewed for improvement than others based on the dynamic nature of the specific condition.

Do I need to attend the re-evaluation scheduled by the VA?

Yes, you MUST attend if you want to keep your current rating. If you do not attend, more than likely, the VA will propose a full reduction.

What should I do if I am proposed a reduction of my disability rating?

You have 30 days from the proposed reduction to request a hearing, appealing the reduction and you have 60 days to provide any new evidence to the VA. Most advocates can help file for a hearing, free of charge. If needed, we can help you find a free service near you to assist.

The best option is to request a hearing, and here is why:
  • The VA should not change your rating until after the requested hearing has been held. As many veterans can attest, getting a hearing scheduled with the VA can take a long time. In some circumstances, years. Requesting a hearing to appeal a proposed reduction will at least buy you more time at your current disability rating, than if you do not request a hearing.
  • The additional time at your current disability rate, while waiting for the hearing, allows you to build and provide evidence to the VA supporting your current, un-reduced rating. We can help you build this supporting evidence.

What kind of evidence can I provide the VA to support my current disability rating?

  • Support Statements-Statements from friends, family, co-workers, or anyone who witnesses the effects your service-connected conditions have on your day to day life. Veterans can also provide their own statements of support.
  • Independent Medical Examinations/DBQs-Done properly, this is some of the only evidence that a veteran can provide to the VA to support the severity of their symptoms and show their conditions have not improved. Vet Resource Group can help you obtain the needed medical examinations and DBQs to support your current rating.