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Vet Resource Group, LLC provides medical opinions and consulting services for veterans filing disability claims with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Vet Resource Group, LLC does NOT file claims, appeals, or any documents on behalf of the veteran in their disability claim(s) with the VA and does not charge a fee for the same.  Vet Resource Group, LLC encourages the use of free or paid services to file, or appeal, VA disability claims.  National Service Organizations (e.g. DAV, American Legion, VFW), State Sponsored Veteran Service Officers, and Local Service Organizations can assist with your claim, generally, free of charge.  By using our services or website, you acknowledge that there are other organizations that can assist for free and that the use of our services is not required.

The VA provides a tool to locate these veteran service organizations in your area.  Please visit or for a list of organizations in your area.

Accredited Attorneys and Agents are also available to assist and charge a fee for their services.  The VA provides a tool to locate these accredited attorneys and agents in your area.

Utilization of Vet Resource Group, LLC is NOT required, and you can be successful with the use of these other free, or paid organizations. VA disability benefits and awards are determined solely by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Vet Resource Group, LLC cannot guarantee the results in your claim.  This website and all statements, discussions, communications, written or verbal, with any Vet Resource Group, LLC employee, or medical expert, is for informational purposes only and is only the opinion of Vet Resource Group, LLC, or medical expert, and does NOT constitute providing legal or medical advice.  Vet Resource Group, LLC is not a law firm and does NOT practice law in any capacity.  Vet Resource Group, LLC is NOT a hospital or any other type of health-care provider.  Vet Resource Group, LLC works with a network of licensed practitioners and does not provide its own medical advice of any kind.  Vet Resource Group, LLC does not warrant or guarantee the opinions set forth by its medical experts.  All users, of this website, or any of our services, are responsible for their own medical treatment, care, and oversight of all health conditions.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with questions or concerns regarding your health.  Our medical experts make statements and opinions based on record review and/or evaluations for specific conditions and are NOT treating physicians.  Any statement or opinion from any of our medical experts is simply the opinion of the medical expert and is NOT to be considered as treatment, care, advice, or oversight of any kind.